GOLTZIUS AND PELICAN COMPANYDocumentaries, feature films and short films devoted to art, music and fashion. The best film in this section will be chosen by the festival goers.

camille claudelCAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915, dir. Bruno Dumont, France, 2013, 95 min

Berlin IFF 2013 – Main Competition
Istanbul IFF 2013 – FIPRESCI Prize

The year 1915 is a horrible one for Camille Claudel, French sculptress and Rodin’s lover. Locked away in an insane asylum, she hovers between paranoia and apathy, in turn enraged like an injured animal and as spiritual as Joan of Arc. The cold hospital walls and rough hands of the staff. Hypersensitivity that twists her senses. The brutal dictate of reason, which condemns outsiders to a life in captivity. Finally – the indifference of Camille’s brother, a poet, who is torn away from worldly affairs by megalomania, fuelled to greater heights by religious obsession.

GOLTZIUS AND PELICAN COMPANYGOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY, dir. Peter Greenaway, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, 2012, 128 min

The talented painter and engraver Hendrik Goltzius attempts to convince the Margrave of Alsace to finance publishing an erotic version of the Old Testament. It would be tough to find a better motif for a Peter Greenaway film. The director is a rebel and avant-garde artist, an experimenter who blazes a trail for new definitions of cinematic narration. In Goltzius, Greenaway once again looks for unobvious analogies between classic painting and postmodernist film language, offering viewers a sensual impression more than a biopic. Goltzius and the Pelican Company is the second of Greenaway’s Dutch Masters trilogy, to be completed in 2016 with a biography of Hieronymus Bosch.

Dziennik-z-podróżyA DIARY OF A JOURNEY (Dziennik z podróży), dir. Piotr Stasik, Poland, 2013

54th Cracow Film Festival – Main Competition

Tadeusz Rolke, an aged master of Polish photography, has more than just a typical teacher-student relationship with 15-year-old Michał. Together, they travel across Poland to take portrait photographs of the residents of small towns and villages while the dark room placed in their camper enables them to develop pictures on the spot and give them to the models whom they accidentally met. For the boy, this is an excellent opportunity to find out about the arcana of traditional photography. For both – an opportunity to experience a beautiful friendship.

granatowy-zeszytTHE DARK BLUE NOTEBOOK (Granatowy zeszyt), dir. Natasza Ziółkowska-Kurczuk, Poland, Switzerland, 2013, 72 min

”The Dark Blue Notebook” is a story about Lutosławski as a man and composer, shown from two different perspectives. We are initiated into the mysteries of Lutosławski’s work by Leszek Możdżer, a contemporary young generation artists. Following the composer’s “tracks,” Możdżer gradually discovers the nature and perfection of
Lutosławski’s work. The words of the composer’s closest friends and family members along with archive recordings of Lutosławski himself help us grasp his personality and views on the role of art and artists in the surrounding world.
The key for interpreting Witold Lutosławski’s work is his dark blue notebook, which, as all his legacy, is kept in the collections of the Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel. “The Dark Blue Notebook” is a film about a great artist and man.

legend_of_kaspar_hauserTHE LEGEND OF KASPAR HAUSER (La leggenda di Kaspar Hauser), dir. Davide Manuli, Italy, 2013, 90 min

Arizona Underground FF 2012 – Best Experimental Film
Geneva IFF 2012 – Young Jury Award – Special Mention
San Francisco FF 2013 – Jury Award

Vincent Gallo plays twin roles (sheriff and dealer) amid surreal dialogues, delirious images, and the pulsing electro of acclaimed French DJ Vitalic in a techno-western retelling of this story, set on a post-apocalyptic island X, surrounded by sea Y, in year 0. The mysterious Kaspar Hauser (played by a bleach-blonde boyish Silvia Calderoni) emerges from the sea as a gorgeous hermaphrodite with a mind that dances between madness and sanctity, delivered in shredded words from foaming lips while seizures ravage his body.

o_krok_od_slawyTWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM, dir. Morgan Neville, USA, 2013, 91 min

Academy Awards 2014 – Best Documentary
Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2013 – Music Documentary Audience Award
Critics’ Choice 2014 – Best Documentary

Backup singers live in a world that lies just beyond the spotlight. Their voices bring harmony to the biggest bands in popular music, but we’ve had no idea who these singers are or what lives they lead, until now.