The most interesting documentaries of the last season that were presented at the most important festivals and won some prestigious awards.


5 Broken Cameras, directors: Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi, Palestine/France/Israel/Netherlands, 2011, 90 mins

2013 Academy Awards – Nomination for the Best Documentary Feature Film

2013 Sundance IFF – Best Documentary Director

2011 Amsterdam IDFF – Special Jury Award and Audience Award

A Palestinian farmer documents his village fighting against Israeli oppression with the use of five cameras. The film is not only a fascinating picture that documents some episodes from the history of Israeli-Palestinian conflict but also a very personal and emotional statement on the ways a Palestinian village fights against violence and oppression.


Fuck For Forest, director: Michał Marczak, Poland/Germany, 2012, 85 mins

2012 Warsaw Film Festival ­– Best Documentary

2013 Rotterdam IFF

2013 Helsinki Documentary Film Festival

2013 Thessaloniki IFF

The most controversial film of the year. A young Norwegian Danny has always had difficulties with people around. In Berlin he meets a group called „Fuck for Forest” – a most bizarre the NGO that raises money for environmental causes by selling home-made erotic films on the Internet. Sometimes also people met in the street are invited to take part in such a production. Members of the group  Clair to be convinced that they can save the world from sexual inhibitions.


Searching for Sugar Man, director: Malik Bendjelloul, Sweden/Great Britain, 2012, 85 mins

2013 Academy Awards – Best Full-Length Documentary

2013 BAFTA – Best Documentary

2012 Sundance IFF – Audience Award; Special Jury Prize

Universal and surprising story about the power of coincidence and luck in peoples’ life. The movie keeps one in suspense and shows an amazing, full of surprises and true story of Sixto Rodriguez – a singer, who were supposed to be even more famous than Bob Dylan, but nobody has ever heard of him…


Samsara, director: Ron Fricke, USA, 2011, 93 mins

After twenty years from making „Baraka” Ron Fricke comes back with a phenomenal picture, poetic film without words, a journey through 25 countries and different cultures and with music by Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance in the background. It took five years to shoot the film. It was shot in 70 mm format which influenced its exceptional aesthetic value. The title refers to constant flow and repeating cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.


Women are heroes, director: Jr. Emile Abinal, France, 2010, 80 mins

One of the most famous street-art artist today, hidden under a pseudonym “Jr” who takes pictures of people’s eyes, enlarges them to gigantic sizes and later places them in most surprising locations – desolate buildings, underground stations, on the walls of skyscrapers. In this film Jr portraits nameless heroines from the poor districts of the Global South.


The Art of Disappearing (Sztuka znikania), directors: Bartosz Konopka, Piotr Rosołowski, Poland, 2013, 90 mins

2013 Planet Doc Film Festival – The Opening Picture, Nomination for the Main Competition

A new film made by the authors of “Rabbit à la Berlin” (“Królik po berlińsku”) that was nominated for the Academy Awards. The film is a view on time of socialism through the eyes of a stranger from a different culture. It’s an unknown story of a Haitian vodou priest, Amon Frémon, who visited the People’s Republic of Poland in 1980. He observes the events of the marital law period in Poland and decides to perform a great vodou ceremony to free the Polish people from evil forces of socialism.


Sugar man

Siła kobiet

Fuck For Forest