Ki, director: Leszek Dawid, Poland, 2011, 93 mins

2011 Gdynia Film Festival – Nomination for Golden Lions

“Orły 2012” Polish Film Awards – Nomination for the Discovery of the Year


Ki, mother of a two-year-old Pio, energetic and greedy for life, runs into Miko one day. This is the meeting of two worlds that normally wouldn’t have met. Ki refuses to accept limitations resulting from having a child. She doesn’t want to repeat her mother’s pattern and to follow the stereotype of a lonely and exhausted woman with a child. She wants to lead a colourful, intensive and fast life.



You are God (Jesteś Bogiem), director: Leszek Dawid, Poland, 2012, 124 mins

2012 Gdynia Film Festival – Best Directorial Debut or Second Film, Special Awards

Golden Duck Awards 2012 – Best Film


The film tells the story of Paktofonika, a group that changed the image of the Polish hip-hop. Music pieces, such as the famous “You are God”, made Magik, Rahim and Fokus the voice of the young generation of Poles of the last decades.